Dear Sir / Madam,


Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) is an organisation aimed at promoting togetherness and camaraderie within the youngsters of the Zoroastrian Community. XYZ aspires to mould the children between the ages of 5 and 15 years to become better individuals and inculcate the Zoroastrian values through fellowship and service activities.


We at Xtremely Young Zoroastrians would like to thank you so much for showing interest in our activities. XYZ Foundation is a registered trust with the Charity Commissioner of Greater Mumbai with the Registered Trust No. E30970 (M) from 16th March 2015 with PAN No. AAATX0125H and TAN No. MUMX00599E.


XYZ Foundation has received the 80-G Certificate from the Office of the Commissioner of Income Tax. From 29th July 2016 onwards, all donations received by XYZ Foundation will also benefit the donor with 50% deduction in their Income Tax.


The purpose of XYZ is to build a strong sense of community belonging and pride in the Zoroastrian children. The religious practices are an important part of our culture and we want our children to start adhering to them from an early age.


Since leadership skills like goal setting, decision making, team work, people skills, money management and ethics are also very important attributes, they too will be inculcated through various activities of XYZ through our Sunday sessions which take place in 8 centres all over the city of Mumbai, namely – Colaba, Tardeo, Byculla, Parel, Dadar, Avabai Petit School Boarders, Bandra and Andheri.


XYZ Foundation has carried out numerous events for the children of our community like XYZ Games, XYZs Got Talent, XYZ Summer Camp, XYZ LAFA – Literary Arts & Fine Arts, XYZ Indoor Mania, XYZ Xtravaganza and XYZ Leadership Camp.


To meet our objectives, we solicit the support of each and every individual and organisation that shares our vision for a brighter future. We hope that you help to catapult our effort and enthusiasm to its zenith.


XYZ currently has 500 members, ie. children in the age group of 5-15 years in our 8 centres.


We thus request you, to give us some time to meet, so that we can explain our initiative to you personally and/or indicate in which way you can help to further XYZ’s objectives. Your support can be either in cash or kind and will be invaluable to help develop our cause.


We take this opportunity to thank you in anticipation, in helping us realise our vision, which will be completely in the interest of our Xtremely Young Zoroastrians.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


With warm regards,
Hoshaang Gotla

Founder, XYZ

Sponsorship Categories


Category Donation Particulars
Angel Rs. 50,00,000 Any individual or organisation can be an Angel of XYZ. They will be supporting the foundation and its activities.
Benefactor Rs. 10,00,000 Any individual or organisation can be a Benefactor of XYZ. They will be a part of all activities and functions.
Group Sponsor Rs. 5,00,000 The sponsor will be supporting any XYZ group and its activities.
Event Sponsor Rs. 3,00,000 Any XYZ event can be sponsored where the organisation logo will be placed.
Legacy Sponsor Rs. 2,00,000 An award will be created in memory of a family member for any XYZ activity.
Patron Member Rs. 1,00,000 Any individual can support the organisation and be a part of its growth.
Support a Cause Rs. 50,000 Causes like Senior Citizens, Orphans, Widows, Animals, Differently-abled etc. can be supported through XYZ.
Advertisement Rs. 20,000 An advertisement can be placed which will go to XYZ families and supporters.
Banner Sponsor Rs. 10,000 A banner will be put up at XYZ events to promote the individual /organisation.
Support a Member Rs. 5,000 An XYZ member will be supported in various activities through the year.


Donations of any amount are accepted. Cheques must be drawn in favour of XYZ Foundation and could we request you to please provide your PAN Number at the back of cheque.


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Dara Hansotia


Boman Irani – Keystone Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

Maneckji & Shirinbai Netarwala Foundation


Merwanji D.M. Jeejeebhoy Trust


Burjor Antia – Late Ervad Hormusji Peshotan Antia & Mrs. Dinamai Hormusji Antia Trust


Dinshaw Tamboly – World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust

Cyrus Guzder


Yasmin & Farokh Gotla


Rati & Nadir Godrej


Noshir Soonawala

B.C. Batliwalla Agiary Trust

Byramjee Foundation

Minoo Shroff

Pirojsha Godrej Foundation

S.R. Vatcha – Bai Maneckbai P.B. Jeejeebhoy

Deed of Settlement Fund

The M.N. Banajee & C.M. Banajee Charity Trusts

Zarir Nagarwala

Khorshed Oomrigar

Armaity Tata

Jamshed Daboo

Ketayun Currawalla

Roda Billimoria Desai

Kashmira Kapadia

Kurush Patel

Rohinton Khambatta

Nanu Daruvala

Khurshed Thanawalla

Arin Master

Behram Mehta

Rashna Master

Rustom Banker

Meheru Panthaki

Freny Tarapore

Jeroo Lakdawalla

Jeena & Co.

Priya Pardiwalla

Daraius Gotla

Porus Turner

Bulls Eye Sports

Piroja Jokhi

Nozer Meherji

Khushnuma & Gilan Ferzandi

Tata Asset Management

Anaita Davar

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Dolly Choksey

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Hutoxi & Dinyar Mehta

Zenobia Boman Irani

Rayomand Manekshaw

Havovi Mistry

Ruzbeh Mowdawala

Binita & Shirzad Khory

Rohinton & Keshmira Elavia

Armeen Shroff

Cyrus Todiwala

Rustom Jasoomoney

Anahita Boywala

Roda Amalsadiwala

Arnaz Billimoria

Yasmin Bhadha

Kashmira Gandhi

Homiyar Shroff

Tinaz & Hoshnar Kapadia

Tinaaz & Jehangir Press

Anahita Dubash

XYZ Foundation

Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) is an organisation aimed to promote togetherness and camaraderie within the youngsters of the Zoroastrian Faith between the ages of 5 and 15 years.

Trust No.: E30970 (M)
80-G No.: CIT(E)/80G/1207(2015-2016)/2016-17


XYZ Foundation, 11/11 BC, 1st Floor, Thakker Building, 54-56 Champsi Bhimji Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010